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Chef Jeffrey Strauss makes a personal statement on the pleasurable dining experience - casual yet elegant, inspired yet straightforward, quality food that delights all the senses.


Established in 1996, Pamplemousse Grille offers San Diego's premier upscale dining experience in a warm, cozy, 'French Country Kitchen' atmosphere. Pamplemousse has also excelled as the preeminent caterer in San Diego as we enter our 25th year serving the greater San Diego community.

Chef Jeffrey Strauss, Executive Chef/Owner

Chef and Owner Jeffrey Strauss has a flair for presentation and an unquestionable talent for taste that has delighted the palates of the world’s most powerful business brokers, socialites, United States presidents, and scores of American and foreign dignitaries.

Strauss has prepared everything from intimate meals to huge banquets for the most prestigious corporate names in America and Europe (Tiffany and Co., Disney Studios, Paine Webber, UNOCAL, 20th Century Fox, Neiman Marcus, Hermes, Channel, Gucci, MCA, Amblin Entertainment); for such dignitaries as President George W. Bush, the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the wedding of Caroline Kennedy, and the 1984 inaugural luncheon for Ronald Reagan; and entertainment luminaries such as Aaron Spelling, Tom Hanks, Elton John, and Steven Spielberg.

With the creation of Pamplemousse Grille, Chef Strauss has turned from the world of “Chef to the Stars” to creating food that he loves to eat and serve to “family and friends.” Since its debut, Pamplemousse Grille has received many local & national awards including “Best Restaurant, People’s Choice” San Diego Home & Gardens; “Best New Restaurant”, “Best Caterer”, & “San Diego’s Best Chef” San Diego Magazine, Zagat Rated #1 Restaurant in San Diego for three consecutive years, and 2008 San Diego Nice Guy of the Year.

East Coast-bred, Chef was among nine out of eight hundred applicants to receive a Culinary Apprenticeship at the Greenbriar Hotel Culinary Educational Program in White Sulpher Springs, West Virginia, where he earned the Gold Medal for Culinary Showmanship. At age 23, Jeffrey became the executive chef of the Glorious Cafe in Washington D. C. His patience and dedication allowed Glorious Cafe to begin strongly and quickly gain respect throughout the Beltway. Shortly thereafter, he was persuaded to relocate to New York City to join Glorious Foods legendary catering operation. Throughout his nine years at Glorious Food (1985-1993), Jeffrey would take leaves of absence to concentrate on higher learning in some of Europe’s finest Michelin-rated restaurants. Upon his return from this culinary powerhouses in Europe, Jeffrey would transfer his learning into teaching. My ‘professional father,’ Chef Jean-Claude Nédélec at Glorious Food, taught me the power and art of food presentation,” Chef Strauss recalls. “And the renowned Chefs Roger Vergé at Le Moulin De Mougins and Albert Roux at Le Gavroche in London taught me the beauty of food.” Jeffrey spent a year with Chef Albert, serving as saucier and chef tourant of his Michelin 3 Star restaurant. To enhance the young chef’s knowledge, Chef Albert arranged two-week observational stays for his protégé in such renowned restaurants as Marchesi in Italy, and France’s acclaimed Charcuterie Matu, Restaurant Guy Savoy, Vonnas-George Blanc, Restaurant Troisgros and Restaurant Bocuse.

Chef Jeffrey Strauss makes a personal statement on the pleasurable dining experience—casual yet elegant, inspired yet straightforward, quality food that delights all the senses. His menu at Pamplemousse Grille melds his many creations from his tenure as Executive Sous Chef and Executive Chef at Glorious Food, and his many travels to Europe to experience, learn, and create the finest cuisine the world has to offer.