Coravin at Pamplemousse

Enjoy wine by the glass without pulling the cork.

The Coravin opens up a world of new possibilities for anyone and everyone who enjoys wine. Designed by a medical engineer, the Coravin combines physics and modern technology to access wine without ever uncorking the bottle. With the Coravin, you can enjoy a glass of wine without oxygen ever touching what remains in the bottle. This means bottles can be enjoyed continuously for weeks, months, even years after your first taste.

Designed by a medical engineer, the Coravin pierces through the cork with a thin hollow needle to access the wine. As argon gas then pressurizes the bottle, wine flows up through the needle, out the nozzle, and into your glass. With inert argon gas remaining in the bottle, the cork seals itself as the bottled wine continues to mature naturally, untouched by oxygen.

Quick Coravin Facts
• Pamplemousse Grille is offering the Coravin for retail at $299.
• The Coravin comes with 2 canisters of argon gas with purchase. Each argon gas canister averages 15-5oz pours. At $10 per canister, this averages 66 cents per pour.
• Coravin is currently designing a smaller gauged needle for older vintages with more delicate corks.
• Argon gas canisters and needles can be purchased at Pamplemousse Grille.

Interested in the Coravin?
Purchase your Coravin at Pamplemousse Grille by or by calling (858) 792-9090 . Pamplemousse Grille can also answer any questions you may have about the Coravin.

To see the Coravin in action, visit us at Pamplemousse for a demo or a glass of one of our two new Coravin wines by the glass:
Caymus Special Select 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon and Quilceda Creek 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon (100 Pointer)!